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Planting Seeds…

With warmer temperatures, spring flowers, and longer days in the Midwest, our minds turn to gardens.  Vegetable gardens filled with crisp, fresh cucumbers, squash, and green beans; flower gardens brimming with sweet fragrances and bright colors; rose gardens with delicate blossoms and deceptive thorns… regardless of the type of garden, we possess this desire to dig in the soil, plant seeds or seedlings, and watch the magic happen.  If you are like me, you can always use some visual inspiration and some instructional advice to create these gardens.  Here at NMPL, we can easily supply both of these with gorgeous magazines like “Blooms” and “Garden Gate” and books like Richard Gianfrancesco’s How to Grow Food, and DK’s Gardening Shortcuts and Gardening Month by Month.  I know that it seems counter intuitive to come inside to plant outside, but trust me, getting a bit of inspiration or direction from a book or magazine is always a sound decision. As always, remember that my staff and I are always here to help you… even if means finding a book or magazine to help you plant your carrots at the ideal time, choose which variety of seed is best for this area, or determining how best to keep those pesky rabbits out of the garden patch.  Stop in and see us soon!

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