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Giggles @ the Library

WARNING: We are experiencing spontaneous bouts of giggles today in the library! This condition is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS! You have been WARNED!

Today is Movie Day @ NMPL. When the children and teens signed up for the Summer Reading Program, they voted on a sports-themed film to watch today. Air Bud won over The Karate Kid by only a few votes, but I must admit I was excited. It is difficult to watch the amazing basketball playing golden retriever without a bad case of the giggles. I must admit that I love hearing laughter, snickers, guffaws, & snorts of glee in the library. It reminds me of the intense emotions that storytelling of any variety brings out in us all. So if you are expecting a quiet library today, I will apologize in advance. Today is not that kind of day! Maybe tomorrow… oh, no, tomorrow is Friday. That means another round of Friday Afternoon Trivia. Yep, tomorrow is booked for giggles, too. Maybe Monday… 😉

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