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Finding Quiet Moments

“A Little Piece of Quiet” Mary Engelbreit Each morning when I set down at my desk, I am greeted by the whimsical art of Mary Engelbreit on my daily calendar. The bright colors and positive thoughts help to begin my day on a positive note. Recently I turned to a page with the quote, “A Little Piece of Quiet.” I got the pun immediately, but it took me longer to really analyze the message. A young lady in sock feet, jeans, and a loose, yellow sweater sits with a glass of milk, a jar of peanut butter, a butter knife, and a stack of crackers… reading a magazine. Her “piece of quiet” isn’t her smartphone, ipad, or laptop; it is a snack and something to read. It made me pause. How often do I find my “piece of quiet” in a book instead of on a digital screen? Where do you find your “piece of quiet”? If you, like me, find too often it isn’t so very quiet or peaceful, then perhaps it is time for a change…

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