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Season of Change…

Spring tinges the air with just a wisp of warmth while frost still dusts the daffodils each morning. It is the season of change… winter jackets so necessary at 7 AM discarded by noon recess, seed packets and garden plans spread across workbenches, and chilly evenings on porch swings not quite warmed through. Something about this time of year causes us to pause and reflect upon ridding out, cleaning up, and building anew…

Here at NMPL, we too have been renewing. Over the last few months we have replaced our 25 year old roof, updated our interior paint, added the last set of automated exterior doors, and installed security cameras. If you haven’t been in lately, stop by some afternoon for a quick tour.

If you are thinking about refreshing, updating, or remodeling at your house, come check out our selection of nonfiction titles on gardening, home repairs, painting, and organizing to give you some suggestions. We also have magazines on these same topics that have even more updated ideas.

Whatever changes are in your future, be sure to stop in @ the Library!

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