I Didn’t Know My NMPL Had That!?!

When you stop and consider the life of a public library it’s hard to imagine another free institution that gives back so much to so many. (The only exception would be the public school down the street with which we collaborate extensively.) Any citizen can walk through our doors, complete a simple application, and magically have access to print, digital, and human resources that rival those of any corporation…

Love the New York Times, but can’t afford the luxury of paying hundreds of dollars a year for a subscription? Guess what? We have a copy available for you to read (thanks to a fabulous donor who believes that reading national news is important in a small, rural community).

Trying to give your two-year-old a childhood rich in literacy? Great, come to our infant and toddler storytime on Thursday mornings from 10-10:20.

Enjoy crafting, but don’t have the supplies, space, or ideas to do it? Super, come fellowship with other crafters and use materials supplied by the library (a $5 donation is suggested, but not required).

Need a meeting room for your mom’s group or discipling group? We have that too (but it fills up quickly so call ahead to get your group on the schedule).

Have older children who you don’t want to get off the bus to an empty house? Problem solved! Have them walk to the library where they can work on homework with fellow students, work on our patron computers, play games from our “Bored Games” collection, or just hang with friends until you can pick them up on your way home from work.

You may have noticed that I haven’t once mentioned the thousands of print resources, digital downloads, audio books, films, and music that we have to offer for FREE to our patrons. Believe me, we have an excellent collection with thousands more to request from our consortium-member libraries throughout the state.
Yes, we have the resources, space, materials, and knowledge that you seek so the only question is … why haven’t you visited NMPL lately?


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  1. Stephanie Whittaker

    Do you have free wifi?

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